How Ugly Christmas Sweaters Brings Out The Festive Mood


The jovial Christmas mood is depicted by jingling bells, Santa Claus or elf pictures. The holiday spirit opens up the perfect atmosphere for parties, both indoor and outdoor. This is the time of the year when it’s all about giving, partying and generally being happy. The most important part of the festival is the memories created. This is why billions of pictures are taken during this period.

An excellent way to get pictures worth of quality memories by attending an ugly Christmas sweater party. Your party would be incomplete if there were no over-the-top Christmas sweaters; which has become a must-have. Everything seems okay till you realize that you do not have an outfit for this occasion. If your nanny is the old enthusiastic type who spend most of their afternoons knitting, you can ask her to make you an ugly Christmas sweater. You can also scour the Internet or the local stores for one.

How ugly Christmas sweaters brings out the festive mood

Importance of the Christmas sweaters

fdggdfgdgfdgdfgSearch engines reveal that DIY Christmas sweater searches online are up 20% every year. Whether it’s a work-related or family only occasion, the ugly sweaters are a great way of celebrating during the season. The sweaters foster unity and strengthen bonds between individuals. This might probably be the only time part from vacation where you get to wear something different from your regular work clothes. If you do not have one, there is no harm in making one for yourself.

Pick the right size

When selecting the right sweater, go for one that is quite loose. After sewing the ornaments, it feels much smaller. So always pick the large oversized sweater. It doesn’t have to be new, old is good enough. Prepare a mix of hot glue and other relevant tools that will assist in modifying the sweater attire. Additional fabric, a scissor, felt marker, lint roller, and a light kit are adequate enough. You can always use stockings too. They occupy a great deal of space which might cut down your work time in half. Do not buy felt, instead cut out shapes from old clothes. The shapes can be Christmas trees, snowflakes or elves.

Where did they get to be called ugly?

The ugly Christmas sweaters get their name from their auspicious nature. According to the laws of modern fashion, your attire shouldn’t be over-decorated. So this automatically qualifies them into the fringe category of clothing. This does not mean you cannot put in a little creativity on the design of your sweater. Ensure that your ornaments are properly balanced and put in a little symmetry.

What colors best fit the occasion?

gfhfghfhghfghfghgfGold, green and red seems to be the flagship Christmas colors. White is also allowed as it resembles the snowy stereotype that the ideal Christmas setting seems to have originated. One or two glittery objects are good enough too. Your intention should be to bring out the full Christmas spirit while at the event.

Does it hold any sentimental value?

Some people wear an ugly Christmas sweater during every festive season. In every wear, they take pictures and have them printed out and stored. The accumulation of the sweaters is a way of showing their respect for the tradition. In addition, the different pictures mark the different phase transitions they have experienced throughout their lives.

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