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Five Ways To Prevent Fire Accidents At Workplace


Fire accidents at the workplace occur unannounced, and thus it becomes necessary for the management to make preparations for such happenings. Whether it is a dangerous occupation such as in a factory or safe place such as an office, safety from fire accidents is an important aspect deserving exploration in all ways. Below are five ways to prevent fire accidents in the workplace and ensure that employees are safe.

Ways to prevent fire accidents in workplace

Establishing an electrical safety program

Most fire accidents in the workplace are caused by electrical appliances, wiring or both. The best way to avoid damages and injuries resulting from electrical fire accidents at the workplace is to come up with an electrical safety program. The program entails educating all stakeholders on security measures of their particular jobs and equipping them with skills of detecting malfunctioning appliances.


Installation of fire alarms

Fire alarms should be installed at all the major places throughout the building so as to ensure the larger number of employees gets a warning before the fire spreads. Installing an alarm ensures that the evacuation process can be conducted in an orderly manner to prevent panic stampede from occurring.

Holding fire drills

Fire drills should be held periodically in the organization with safety experts conducting and supervising such drills. Fire drills can be a great way to preventing fire accidents at the workplace since they educate all employees on how to conduct themselves in the case of a fire outbreak instead of panicking.

Fire extinguishers

All strategic areas of the workplace should be fitted with fire extinguishers which can be used in the event of fire outbreak in the building. Fire extinguishers help prevent fire accidents in the workplace since employees can use them to halt the progress of the fire.

Proper installation and maintenance of electrical appliances

Electrical appliances in the entire workplace should be installed and maintained by a qualified person or company to minimize the chances of accidents happening. Faulty electrical equipment should be replaced immediately, and all employees should be coached on how to handle them.


Proper handling of flammable materials

All combustible and flammable components in the workplace should be adequately managed since any mishandling can lead to a fire accident. Such dangerous materials should always be handled by a professional so as to minimize the risk of the accident occurring. Companies that have OSHA 191039 compliance will usually have no problem doing this. Employees also need to be educated on the dangers of dealing with such materials inappropriately so as to prevent fire accidents in the workplace.…