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Guinea pig cages buying guide


Guinea pigs are the most considered pet animals, especially for beginners. They are easy to care for and maintain them. There are several breeds of guinea pig. When one has settled on the breed they want to keep, the next task is finding a cage for them. There are various factors that one needs to consider when they are buying cages for their pet guinea pigs. Here is a guinea pig cages buying guide to help you when selecting that perfect cage for your pet.

The size of the cagedskjfjkjksjkjkssjjs

The bigger the cage, the better it will be for the guinea pigs. This is because they also need room to run around and exercise at their own scheduleĀ and not your schedule where you will need to take them out to exercise. Getting a small cage and they are several in it may make them get bored. A bigger cage will also make them coexist peacefully if they are two or more in the cage. In addition to that, the bigger the cage for the guinea pig, the easier it will be to clean it since the pigs will have room to separate their sleeping area and the area for relieving themselves.


Just like we human beings have to live in a house that is properly ventilated, every other living creature need proper ventilation. One should consider getting a cage that will allow for proper ventilation. They need the fresh air as well. This will go a long way in helping the guinea pigs not contract some diseases hence live healthily.

Wire gaps

Most cages are made of wires. One should ensure that they go for a cage that has an average size of wire gaps. Going for a cage that has big wire gaps will make it easy for the guinea pig to escape. Smaller wire gaps may make the guinea pig uncomfortable. The wire gaps should not be too big neither should they be too small.

Materials of the cage

The cage should be made of materials that are easy to clean. This will help the owner to have an easy time cleaning the cage. A good cage can be made of solid material but the place to be used as a bathroom be left bare for easy cleaning. Cages made of wire mesh may have negative effects on the health of the guinea pig. This is because the mesh can infect the paws of the guinea pig since they cause swelling on them.

Ease of cleaning

A good cage should be easy to clean since the guinea pigs need a clean place. Solid materials are easy to clean and require less time to clean. Wire mesh may require additional scrubbing to clean properly.


fkjdsjksjksjsksjDo not go for a complicated cage that will make it difficult for the guinea pig to access it or find their way around the cage. A simple cage is enough so long as the factors mentioned above have been considered.

Lastly, consider the budget that you have since the different cages have different qualities hence the different prices.…